Twitter is a very popular social network and has many users. Many important people in the world such as politicians, big business owners, actors and etc… have Twitter activities. Twitter is text based. Unlike Instagram, where photos or videos speak first, users can say their important words on Twitter. A lot of big news breaks first on Twitter. Big social trends started on Twitter and it can be said that Twitter is one of the most important social networks. In this article, I will show you how to have a Twitter account and ways to Buy Twitter Followers.


How do I create a Twitter account?

Twitter is accessible as an application and a website, and you can enter Twitter in both ways.

Creating an account through the site

For this method, you must first enter After opening the following page, you can create your account in several ways.

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1- Create an account with Google

2- Creating an account with Apple ID

3- Creating an account with a phone number or email

You can choose any option that suits you best. If you choose the third part, the following page will open for you, and then you must enter your name.


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After entering your name, you can enter your phone number or select use email instead to use your email to continue. You also add your date of birth at the bottom. Note that your name or date of birth does not have to be real. You can use your nickname or your company, but the email or phone number entered must be completely correct because you will have to enter the code sent later.


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After entering the code sent to the phone number or email, click on the next option.


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At this point, Twitter will ask you to choose a password for your account. Your password should not be less than 8 characters and it should be at a high level in terms of security. After choosing the photo you want, which of course you can skip, you will enter the main page of Twitter.


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Creating an account through the application

In this step, you need to first install the Twitter application on your mobile phone. Then enter it and click on the create account option.

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Using this method, you can also create your account through Google. But if you don’t want to, you will enter the next step by selecting the option to create an account.

buy twitter followersIn this section, you enter the user account creation page.

As in the web version, you enter your name, phone number or email address.

buy twitter followersAfter that, you will be sent a code that you must enter in the specified place.

buy twitter followersThen you enter the Twitter space, which is a little different from the web page.

buy twitter followersNow you have a Twitter account and you can enter a new world of information, entertainment, news, etc.



Twitter terms you need to know

You may be a little confused when you first enter the space of Twitter, just as you need time to get familiar with other social networks. To make your work easier, we will explain the terms of Twitter in the rest of the article.



A tweet is a short text. In this short text you can express your thoughts and ideas. If you are a business owner, you can introduce yourself or advertise your products. The thing that differentiates Twitter from other social networks is this tweet.



In a very interesting feature, Twitter has made it possible for its users to choose an image called a header. This image is placed behind your main profile picture on the home page. In addition to beautifying, this photo can also indicate your field of activity. For example, you can put an image of your brand as a header.



Bio, which is the abbreviation of the word biography, can be a summary of your characteristics and personality. By completing this section, you can easily find like-minded friends.


Following and Followers:

People who follow your user account or you follow it are called followers. And this action is called following. In fact, the number of followers of each account on Twitter is very important. This number is a measure to measure your value and your activity. If you want to become famous on Twitter, you should try to increase Twitter followers. But this usually takes a lot of time. You can try Buy Twitter Followers. By Buy Twitter Followers, you get the best results in the shortest time.



One of the most attractive features of Twitter is the possibility of republishing a tweet with the name of the original author, which is called a retweet. Retweeting in a way promotes the Twitter account. To strengthen your Twitter account, you can try Buy Twitter Retweets.



The main page of Twitter where we see our tweets and others is called Timeline.


Tweet thread:

Tweets that have a specific topic and are said consecutively. Due to the limitation of spreading the word on Twitter, many people use Twitter thread to express their words. This series of tweets is separated from the rest of the tweets by using hashtags.


Five star:

If a tweet gets more than a thousand likes, it is called five start. It is very important to become a five start on Twitter. It makes your tweet more visible and also your account is considered important for Twitter. The best way to become five start is to Buy Twitter Like. A very quick way to make your Twitter account more popular.


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